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Tulsi Essential Oils


Panacea Tulsi

Tulsi (Basil) is known as the ‘Queen of herbs’ and even ‘the incomparable one’. Tulsi or holy basil is a superb purifier and is considered a purifier of the mind, body, and spirit.

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Basil Essential Oils


Sterilizing / Aseptic Basil

Basil Essential Oil is an energizing oil that stimulate mind and promotes focus. It is considered anti-bacterial/anti-viral, it also acts as an expectorant.

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Lemon Grass Essential Oils


Exhilarating Lemon Grass

Lemongrass has a light, fresh and citrus aroma. Lemon Grass essential oil has a refreshing, rejuvenating, stimulating and balancing effect on mind and body.

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Cold Relief


How to use : Use a blend of Ginger, Clove and cinnamon essential oils to get relief in common cold. Add 3-4 drops of the Cold Relief blend to a tissue paper/Handkerchief or cotton ball and keep it close to yourself (eg:- next to your laptop, on study table)

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Citronella Essential Oils


Bug Repellent Citronella

Citronella essential oil is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy. This oil is often added to a variety of personal care and cleaning products because of its anti fungal properties.

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Rosemary Essential Oils


Amplifying Rosemary

Essential oil of rosemary is a component of many commercially available lotions, perfumes, liniments, soaps, and mouthwash preparations, it is believed to be a circulatory stimulant.

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Mandarine Essential Oils


Tranqualine Mandarine

Mandarin Essential Oil also know as Tangerine oil is an antiseptic, antispasmodic, circulatory and nervous relaxant. It has many healing properties like it reduces acne, alleviate insomnia, diminish the appearance of age spots and minimize wrinkles.

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Lavender Essential Oils


Lavishing Lavender

Lavender essential oil is the most used essential oil in the world today, but the benefits of lavender were actually discovered over 2,500 years ago.

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